Sunday, June 11, 2017

A few finishes

The cross stitch gathering I attended last month sparked my desire to stitch, stitch, stitch and I've been carving out time more time to stitch. It doesn't help that I try and watch a movie I've never seen while stitching. 

This is a Lizzie Kate piece.  I don't recall the pattern name and it's ...??? Upstairs, down, still in my tote...??? I haven't a clue. 


This is a Homespun Elegance patter called Mr. Hate. 


The following picture was taken outside but shows the color better than any pic I took inside. The fabric is a light blue/purple. Designer is Cedar Hill designs and the pattern is called Country Meadow. 


I'd like to stitch another small piece, mini, to enter into the Atchison County Fair in August and I still have a few pieces already stitched to finish for the fair. 

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