Tuesday, June 13, 2017

One month garden update!

First a picture from May 22. Everything shown in this picture was planted on May 12 and 13.


And here's how things look last Sunday June 11; 


I've added a lemon cucumber that  I felt sorry for at the grocery store. It's in the pool with the zucchini. 

The regular size pumpkin isn't looking good (bottom right), but I'm babying it and am hopeful it'll rebound.


The other pumpkin already has a pumpkin growing! 


The zucchini is doing well. This weekends strong winds didn't help it and some branches broke, but I've got several zucchini started.



I've got a lot of tomato blooms and several fruit. 



And I've got aphids. 


I'm spraying once a week with organic Neem extract mixed with dawn soap and water. I might order some lady bugs to help control the aphids too. 

Zucchini and lemon cucumber. 


Cucumber flowers!


Cantaloupe is looking better. 


As of posting, I've got at least 24 tomatoes, 3 zucchini growing and many more flowers! 

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Patricia Dunn said...

I'm so impressed! I finally gave up on gardening. I was stressing out so much trying to grow zucchini, that my husband and friend Janice told me I could not plant them anymore. Finally started growing tomatoes in big pots on our back porch/deck but I never got many tomatoes. Enjoy your harvest!