Thursday, May 11, 2017

April Showers Tasks part 2

Since having moved in here I've wanted to paint the lazy Susan in the kitchen.  The previous owners used it for food, but I use it to house my mixing and serving bowls. 

This cat and open doors, drawers and bags! 


It was kind of gross; 



My main goal in painting it was so that I'd have a surface I could wipe clean. I used the same high-gloss paint I used to paint the hallway. 


I didn't prime and it took three coats. I let it dry 24 hours before putting items back. It's not perfect, but really only I will see it. 



I'm so excited to have that finally done! 

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Patricia Dunn said...

Nice job. I wish I had one. They are so handy for so many different things. If you ever decide to put some shelf paper in you can't beat wall paper. It is my favorite shelf paper.