Tuesday, May 9, 2017

April Showers Tasks part 1

April showers postponed my yard plans and so I made a list of things to tackle the last wet, gray and cold weekend in April. I accomplished several small things and three things that had been on my list for months. 

1. Bench for the utility/mud room. I've been working on this since January!

I sanded and painted a bench I had found at the Sparks and White Cloud KS Flea Market last September. 


Oops! I accidentally broke one of the legs on and had to glue it back together. It's not meant for anyone two legged to sit on, so I was comfortable just gluing it. 


Then I removed the disgusting old cover and batting. 


And tried out several feed sack coverings;


I waxed the wood, covered with new batting and feed sack and placed it in the muddy mud/utility room.


Check out that sunshine! It had been a couple of days since we'd enjoyed sunshine! 


The main purpose for this bench is to catch my purse and bags as I come in the back door. That and be a catch all for laundry, groceries and what not. I thought the cats might enjoy laying on it, but they prefer the rugs on the washer and dryer. 

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