Saturday, May 13, 2017

April Shower Tasks part 3

My table, chairs and buffet were my grandparents. I have several of grandma's tablecloths and some I've found at flea markets or on sale. Prior to my move, I kept the leaves of the table dropped and only needed, used small tablecloths. Since moving, I keep the leaves up most of the time and need longer tablecloths. I've been storing them folded or rolled in a small shelf within the buffet. Where Lyncoln is in this picture. It was a pain to remove one and they were always a wrinkled mess.


So, I decided to hang them in the hall closet. The hall closet hasn't been remodeled in this house in a long while. It's wallpapered! The picture below is of the wallpaper on the ceiling! Who wallpapers a closet and the ceiling in the closet??


The above wallpaper is on the ceiling and upper 1/3 of the closet. The bottom 2/3 has this paper;


Wallpapering closets and their ceilings; I think not!

I used three different types of hangers to hang my tablecloths. 


I love how I can easily and quickly find the tablecloth I want to use. 



I found the above cloth at one of those highway, miles long garage sales and the cloth below came from an estate sale.


I probably should have washed and ironed them before hanging. Maybe I'll get around to that another time! 

This hanger is holding some of the table runners I use to cover the buffet. 


Three projects that have been on my to-do list for a long while accomplished; paint the lazy Susan, utility room bench and address the tablecloth issue. Done! I love a productive weekend and I hope to have many more this summer! 

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Patricia Dunn said...

Always a good idea if you have the extra closet. I have so many table cloths that belonged to my mother and grandmother. Not sure what to do with them. They are crocheted. I am trying to sell my mother's dining room table since I finally got the round one I have always wanted. It isn't exactly what I wanted but I am happy with it. Will be getting rid of the rectangular ones I have and used with Mother's table.