Tuesday, April 4, 2017

It's raining...

So, the search for the right paint color continued, but was delayed by spring rains. 

2.4" of rain fell in less than 24 hours. 

The basement began taking on water. I was reminded that I had purchased an old house and things like French drains and sump pumps weren't used back then. I should expect some dampness in my basement. I accepted that until it started to rise. 


Mopping failed and trying to sweep it to the floor drain wasn't a possibility (opposite corners). Vacuuming it up was the best solution and worked rather well. It could have only worked better had it stopped raining and not seeped back in right after I'd sucked it up. The rain is coming in from under the basement. There is no sump pump and I'm hoping to go a while before having to install one. With that in mind and with my father's help, we cleaned out the gutters, extended the down spouts and I added dirt to a few low spots. 

The day after the heaviest of rain I found Efflorescence in my basement. 


Efflorescence are salts, not mold, brought to the surface of masonry after flooding. Interesting. It was really soft to the touch. 


There should be plenty of opportunities to see if the steps I took to keep the basement dry worked this week.  I am so ready to be finished painting, not worrying about the basement and to share some fun posts! 

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