Sunday, April 2, 2017

Blackberry Coffee Cake

I was supposed to be painting, but the day started off gray, dreary and wet and I couldn't get motivated. It isn't easy taping in the dark or by artificial light. Oh and I had blackberries needing to be used. So, naturally I had to make a coffee cake!

I love coffee cake. The cinnamon and sugar combination and lack of frosting always is a winner in my books. 


I got blackberries at Dillons when they were only $0.99. They were big berries! 


I'm back to taping, priming and painting as I type this, so I'll link to the recipe below. You start off with a boxed yellow cake mix. I only had a butter recipe yellow cake mix on hand. You add melted butter, eggs, milk and sour cream. Pour into greased bundt pan. 


In a separate bowl mix blackberries, sugar, cinnamon and chopped nuts, I used pecans. 


The recipe says to cut in the berry minute, but it didn't look right. So, I pushed and smoothed batter over the berry mixture. 

Above is after I cut in the berries and below is what it looked like after I finished gently stirring it in. 

This looked more like the picture in the recipe. 

Bake until done, cool 10 minutes and then flip onto a plate. I'm always excited when it comes out of the bundt pan in one piece!

This was so good. I'm sure you could substitute another berry for the blackberries and it would be just as good. 


Make sure you save THIS LINK and make this cake this spring when the berries are cheap. You'll love it! I shared this with friends, family and coworkers and everyone that had a slice remarked how good it was!

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