Thursday, April 6, 2017

Decisions, Decisions

Do not call me for advice on paint colors. I am not good at it. Having hated the nice neutral I picked out, I decided I needed a color. Yes, neutrals are a color, but I mean something that wasn't a neutral. Here are my first two picks for round number two. Rye Bread on the left and Cup of Tea on the right. (Of note, colors are different in person.)


Here is Rye Bread on the wall.


Cup of tea on the wall. 


I think I need some more choices. A friend suggests Pottery Barn colors, which got me to thinking about Magnolia Farms/Fixer Upper colors. I ran after work to Westlake and picked up a few paint color cards, all colors I liked; 


Just a few! I love her colors!

I sorted them several times and narrowed it down to three colors. I took the cards to Lowes and had them color match the cards and mix me up some samplers in Valspar paint. One I left at the store without purchasing as they hadn't done a good job of color matching. The second was too dark when I painted on the wall. The third I wasn't so sure of, but decided I had reached the end of my rope and went with it. 


So, what did I pick out???

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