Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Let's Cook!

Maybe its having a larger and brighter kitchen or hosting a cookbook club resulting in my flipping through cookbooks at least once a month, but I found myself wanting to cook more, experiment more in the kitchen.  I tried corned beef and I made Irish soda bread for cookbook club, but there are other dishes I’d like to try my hand at making. 


Quiche  - I love the quiche sold at the Millennium Café at our local library, but I’ve never made one myself

Chicken Fried Steak – my mother’s recipe using cube steak and cracker crumbs

Mac and Cheese – I love the blue box, always have, always will, but I’d like to find a baked mac and cheese recipe that doesn’t require a white sauce

Dumplings – I asked my father if there was anything he’d like for me to make months ago that he doesn’t normally get and he said dumplings.  I’ve never made them, never eaten them and might use Reames dumplings, but I’m up to the challenge!

Meatballs! – Everett, a small town in NE Kansas, has a small café that I’ve gone to after church a few times and one of their Sunday specials is meatballs.  I’ve not had them, but they always look and smell so good!  I love meatloaf and meatballs remind me of mini, round meatloafs.  I must make them! 

Meatloaf!  - I made crock pot meat loaf for cookbook club, but it didn’t hit the spot.  I need to try again. 

Coconut Cream Pie – I’ve not ever had coconut cream pie, I don’t really know that I like coconut, but it’s a friend’s favorite and I’d like to try making one. 

Cinnamon rolls – On my own.  I’ve made them with Jenna before and I’ve made them on my own using frozen bread dough.  That recipe was a flop.  I’d love to learn to make the Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon rolls and give them away at Christmas as she does.  

Dinner rolls – Yeast, buttery topped dinner rolls.  

Brisket – Again, don’t know that I’ve ever eaten it and certainly haven’t ever prepared it, but it sounds good!

Jell/Cool-Whip Salads – A must for any church potluck in the country and something I totally love, but rarely make.


What else do I need to try making?  Whats something you’d like to try making? 


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Patricia Dunn said...

Hi, Julie,
Enjoyed reading your post. It was fun reading the dishes, many you have never even eaten, that you would like to try making. Believe it or not, I have made all of them except the quiche. My mother made the best dumplings ever. It was always so funny because whenever she and Daddy came to visit, I always had her make them for us before they left AND every time she would search to find a recipe that she thought sounded good. I have containers of her recipes that she collected and there are so many dumpling recipes just written down a little pieces of paper. I have tried but my chicken and dumpling don't even come close to hers. Some of the dishes you mentioned I have shared recipes for on my blog. Don't forget to check it out when you are searching for recipes. I have tried to think of a recipe I would like to try and right now I can't think of anything I would like to make that I have never tried. I guess I will just continue browsing cookbooks and I am sure I will find something new that I have never made. Your Irish Soda Bread looked good. I made a good one a few years ago for a friend who asked me if I had a recipe. (I didn't but found one to try.) He loved it and so did we.
Good luck with your future attempts.