Sunday, March 19, 2017

A new trash can!

I have issues with brooms and trash cans.  I purchased three stainless steel trash cans from Home Depot on Black Friday for $18, I believe.  I’ve seen them priced much more than that at Walmart and thought I was getting a good bargain.  This last weekend, I switched to a plastic, off brand trash can don’t see a pretty stainless steel one in my future again.  


For one, this size trash can left a good 1/3 of the trash bag unused.  The can was full before the bag.  My second issue, it was a pain in the rump to remove the trash bag and I often tore the bag on these two little things within the can. 


I know they sell oval size stainless steel trash cans and they might work better, fill the bag more, not be a pain to remove the bag and not tear the bag, but at $40+, I’m sticking with my plastic off brand trash can. If you're interested in the stainless steel one, I'll let you know when the garage sale is scheduled! 

Speaking of trash and cans; apply Press N Seal to the wall behind/beside your trash can to catch any messy toss and misses.  When it gets messy, remove and stick on a new sheet.  Clean up is a breeze, no more scrubbing your walls to remove gunk! 

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