Tuesday, September 6, 2016

September Garland

My fireplace has three stocking hooks that just beg to have seasonal garland drapped on them. So I've challenged myself to make a new garland for each month. As a bonus, I'd like to use materials I already own. Last year I made a felt toy car town and I used felt left over from that project for my September garland. 

I began by cutting out felt leaves. I googled leaf templates and picked one I liked. 


I decided how far I wanted them glued and marked the two distances on a plate. 


You can google felt leaf garlands to get several ideas. Most showed the leaves closer together than I placed mine, but that wasn't the look I was after. 

It's always helpful to have someone around to help. 


I had wanted to use orange yarn and I found some at Goodwill, but I've hidden it from myself so I opted to use twine I already owned. 


And here is the finished project. 


And how it looks from my chair without the lights on. 


I love it. Josey loves it too, so I doubt I'll leave it hanging all the time. 

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