Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I love my new vacuum!

I love to vacuum. Correction, I loved to vacuum. Used to, but then I moved to a house that had all hardwood floors or tile. Then I added some rugs and life got more difficult. Sweeping around the rugs and then digging out a vacuum. Ugh. No more!


I got this gem at Sam's Club recently and love it! With a flip of a switch I can move from hardwoods to area rugs to tile to throw rugs. Easy peasy! 

Disgusting, dirty kitchen rug on top. Nice clean rug below. 


Two beautiful clean rugs. 


It picks up cat hair, cat litter... It does not just push or blow it around. I love it. 

There are two minor cons. The first, the canister is rather small. The second, the button to get the handle to tilt is a pain in the behind. I'm hoping it'll relax with use. Canister, not bag. Filter is washable. Love! It! 

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