Thursday, September 15, 2016

Covering Up

My utility room is open to the kitchen and this has been the view. Actually, the shelves have a lot more on them, I removed everything to organize it. 


I found the table a few days before closing at the Fairbury NE Fourth of July Flea Market and knew it would be perfect for this space. I hadn't wanted a table cloth to cover the top of the table and so I made a table skirt. I made it using an inexpensive flat bed sheet. I might someday change the fabric, but this was a quick and easy fabric for the job. 


I used HeatnBond and two tension rods. 


I measured, cut and ironed a hem using the HeatnBond. 

It's always nice to have help. 


A Downton Abbey marathon was on and it took a while to finish it, but I'm very happy with the results. The one end is shorter than the other, but it isn't bad for eye balling the cuts. I'll straighten it up when my craft room is set up. 


I love the splash of color! Next I'll tackle the shelving unit.  

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