Sunday, September 11, 2016

Food storage container storage!

Two months. Two months it taken me to address my plastic food storage containers.  During those two months, all my food storage containers have been sitting in a laundry basket on a table in my dining room. 


I used to store these containers in a drawer, but I don't have a drawer here that I can store them in. It recently occurred to me to put them on the bottom shelf in one of my cabinets.  
These are deep cabinets and they're hard to get anything out of them. They're 19" deep, 37" wide and 11" tall. I knew I wouldn't be storing anything in them that I'd use frequently.  


I took measurements, went to Walmart and got containers. I considered getting one long one, but the measurements were never just right. I ended up with three smaller, but taller containers.  


I sorted and stashed my containers in the larger containers and slid them in. 

Woo Hoo! No more laundry basket full of food containers sitting in the dining room.  


Patricia Dunn said...

Great idea! I am using a shelf in my cabinet and seriously need to reconsider it. It is definitely a waste of my limited cabinets. Thanks for inspiring me. Now I have to make a plan. Patricia

Julie said...

Thanks! I am going to make, hopefully, one of your cakes tonight. It'll take a while for me to post. Slow at it.