Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A little seepage...

The house has a little seepage. It's a 1924 home and it isn't unexpected. It's very minimal and is pretty much limited to the old coal room in my basement, but I know of others who haven't had problems and then did. So, I decided to try two things in hopes it'll keep the seepage to a minimum. 

First I added top soil along the foundation where the seepage occurs. You probably can't tell, but about 6" of ground up against the house is sunken. I added soil to slant the ground away from the house. 




My second project involved the three gutters on this side of the house. Before the gutters dumped the water up near the house. 


There's a sunken area at the base of these two gutters. Rain water pooled there. Now the water will flow away from the house. 

Now we just need a little bit of rain to see if either project will keep the basement dry.  

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