Sunday, September 17, 2017

Treasure Hunting!

I left Friday morning at 5:27, last year it was 5:11! I traveled west and then north to Belleville KS where I began this years Treasure Hunt on Highway 36. A lot of states are doing something similar. I know there are two other similar sales in Kansas. Faboulous Finds on 99 runs next weekend, I believe and another ran last month in the southern half of Kansas and northern half of Oklahoma. These aren't as fun as a flea market, nor as easy, but I always enjoying getting out and hunting for some unknown treasures! 

The drive out, once the sun came up, was beautiful! 



In addition to some yummy Amish baked goods and treasures found for my parents, this years bounty consisted of;

Cards! Lots of cards! 


A silver frame and two $0.25 cross stitch books. 


I have plans for that frame. 

Some cookbooks. 


Bible trivia and bible card games. $0.25 each


I got a few other items I already put away. Oh and this piece. 


I already have thought of few things I could do with it, but none of the ideas will be completed by this Christmas. 

At one sale I found a stash of finished cross stitch pieces and imagined someday mine will be sold this way too. Each piece was $1. I didn't bring any home, but had wanted to.



There had to be several dozen pieces. If they weren't so far from home, I might have gone back the third day and offered something for all of them. They'd make nice gifts. Most could easily be made into pillows maybe for nursing home residents. Sadly they only had the finished pieces, no cross stitch patterns or materials. 

Two of my favorites;



While warm and crazy windy, it was a beautiful day. If you think Kansas is boring, you're doing it wrong! (Kansas Explorer quote!)


Thursday, September 14, 2017

Fall Mantle

Last year I made a monthly garland to hang on the mantle. I made one every month, September through June and then grew tired of making them. I have another idea regarding what to hang on those hooks, but it involves stitching and will take some time. I've decided to pass on the garlands and focus on decorating the mantle 5-6 times a year. Winter, spring, maybe Easter seperate from Spring, Fourth of July/summer, autumn and Christmas.  I present to you my fall mantle;


I'm very happy with it. I found the glass container in the clearance section at Walmart late winter, early spring, the filler for the jar came from Joanns, the pumpkins all came from Walmart, the Coleman lamp is my father's, FALL and the garland came from Hobby Lobby, I already had the candle sticks and bought candles from Hobby Lobby. I also got small hay bales which you can't see at Hobby Lobby to lift the sign and two pumpkins. I'm now set for two and a half months! 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Potluck Pasta Salad

This is my go to I-forgot-tomorrow-is-treat-day-pasta-salad.  Its really easy to make and tastes great!

Make two boxes of Betty Crocker Classic Suddenly Pasta Salad according to package directions.


Do you have one of these little measuring cups?  I love mine and have 2 others that are similar.  The other two are smaller, holding no more than 3 TBS each.  You can find these at Walmart. 


Another view


Rinse and drain the cooked pasta according to package directions, adding in the seasoning packet, oil and water as directed.  Then dice up an entire 8 oz block of mozzarella cheese.


And throw in a bag of mini pepperoni. Of note, I was cheap this day, but I'd recommend the name brand over the store brand of mini pepperoni.  The store brand is bigger, thicker and I don't like them as well.


Throw all together, chill and enjoy!


While making the pasta salad, I decided to make blue box macaroni and cheese.  I already had the pasta pot and a colander out, so why not, right?!?   If though you decide to do this, make certain you remember which is the pasta seasoning packet and which is the macaroni and cheese packet!  I nearly made cheesy Italian pasta salad!  I doubt that would have been very good!


So, I got the milk out and noticed a few things.  First, theres a notice to refrigerate after opening.  Normally you read that on products that are bought at room temperature and need to be refrigerated once opened.  I bought the milk in the cooler/milk section, so it was cold when I bought it.  So, why the notice to refrigerate after opening?


Another notice to chill (and shake) before serving.  Can you buy room temperature milk???

Now check out the sell by date!  DECEMBER 11!!!  What kind of milk are they making these days!  Though it does say above its best if used within 7 days of opening, I'm still not familiar with any kind of milk that lasts over three months from the purchase date. I guess if milk ever goes on sale you could buy several months worth and just not open it until needed now!?!  If this is so, this is great for the person like me who rarely buys milk and only does so if I intend to make a specific recipe.  If this is true, I can buy milk now and just keep in the fridge for the next three months or until I need it.  Weird. 

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Sparks and White Cloud Fall Flea Market 2017

I love a flea market! Fortunately there are a few that aren't too far away. The Sparks KS and White Cloud KS flea markets are held twice a year the first weekends in May and September.


The weather couldn't have been better for the September market. I've been on raining and cold weekends and clumped through mud to view all the booths. None of that this fall. Sunshine and average warm temperatures. 


My father and I went this time together. We each have carts and head in whatever direction we want and meet up back at the car. There is NO cell phone reception at the Sparks market. If you take your cell phone out people instantly ask "Do you have cell phone reception?" Or give you instructions on where you might go to get reception; If you go clear down there, then walk 50 yards in that direction, not by any food trucks and stand on your head, you might get reception!"  Promises, promises.


I forget to take pictures while I'm there. There's too much to see and often so many people it's hard to get good pictures. Take for example the nice butt on the right. Oops! Missed that!


$1 linens!  Ah, but I have enough linens.  I took the picture and quickly moved on!


More fun notions. 


Fun trims.


Dogs are still welcome at the flea market and water was set out for them at this booth.


Lots of pumpkins and some veggies were available.  Potted plants can be found too.



The one disadvantage to having a cart is some of the trailers and houses that have items. 

Pretty glass at White Cloud.


The very small community of Fanning KS home to one church has an indoor flea market.  I love stopping in here and never leave empty handed.  They also have nice indoor bathrooms and lunch for purchase.


Speaking of lunch, the options are endless...


Above is a Mennonite stand, below is the Dutch oven food stand.  Food is prepared fresh in Dutch ovens!


There are a lot of food trucks!


In case you were wondering what the nasty nator is;


White Cloud normally has Indian Tacos for sale.


We almost always eat at the White Cloud American Legion.  Its indoors, air conditioned, they have indoor plumbing and we love to support them.  Over the years their menu has drastically be reduced, but its still good food and great men and women that work there. 


More pies were added by the time lunch rolled around.  I got a piece of chocolate pie and thought it the best I've ever eaten!


White Cloud also offers ice cream!  I think I've only had it once.  Normally I'm too full from lunch to get ice cream, but it always looks good.

I leave you with a doggy stroller.  The second one I saw that day.  If you look closely you can see the dog.  Lyncoln (my cat) thinks he needs one of these.  It sure would have come in handy when I was taking him to the assisted living to visit grandma!  She had one of the furthest rooms from the front door! 

Friday, September 8, 2017

Housekeeping 2

It began with Almost Amish (Nancy Sleeth) and continued with Flosstube.  Flosstube are videos posted on You Tube by cross stitchers during which they share things they're stitching, cross stitch stash they've purchased, plans, finishing, etc. There is one flosstuber who has 131 WIPs.  WIPS stand for Works In Progress.  One Hundred Thirty One pieces, patterns she's started.  131!  Oh my land!  She has this spread sheet and uses a computer random number generator to determine what she should be stitching on each day (all of her WIPS are numbered).  I can't even comprehend and have decided one until done is better than her program, though it works for her. 

Most of the stitchers share plans and they often go something like this; Tonight I am going to spend 2 hours working on X and 30 minutes on Y, the next night I'll work on Z and the following night A...  These people have all this time to cross stitch and I have little!  Do they all have maids?  Cooks?  Lawn men (women)?  I want to stitch as much as they do, but hello, life calls. Laundry piles up, the lawn needs mowed, the floors need swept... Its always something.  So, I've decided to try a weekly chore chart.  I've been planning this for several weeks, but didn't get around to starting it until recently.  Heres what I've come up with;

Trash Night!
Clean out the refrigerator
Take trash to the curb
Clean, straighten up kitchen counters/surfaces, floor
Wash dishes
Clean, straighten up laundry room

Laundry (clothing, towels)
Put away clean dishes washed on Monday
Clean bathroom

Put away clean laundry washed on Tuesday
Dust, straighten up and vacuum dining room, living room, hallway and bedroom

Bible study 

Rest and Enjoy

Saturday and Sunday:
Yard work
Extra Laundry (bedding, slip covers, rugs...)
This is a basic list.  I'm sure I've forgotten to list many things and I've entirely left off the basement and upstairs rooms.  Those will be squeezed in whenever. As will mopping the hardwoods and other non weekly chores.  Its only a guideline to help me stay on focus and free up time for relaxing, stitching, reading or whatever else I want to do, but never seem to find time for.  I've done this now for two weeks and zero stitching gets done on Monday or Tuesday evening. Those chores take the longest. For me, this is working. I like lists and crossing things off the list. I also love sitting and stitching without thought of what all I should be doing. 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Anyone ready for snow?

I finished my mothers snowmen! The pattern on the left was stitched years ago and this summer I started and finished the second set of snowmen for her. I believes she's going to have them framed similarly. 


Lizzie Kate; 6 Fat Snowmen (left) and 6 Snow Belles (right). 


Finished this years ago. 


Finished last week. 

I'm already over half done on the next piece and hope to share it soon. 

Monday, September 4, 2017

Summer Pear

Earlier this year I painted the dining room a color that I had painted a big swatch of on 2 walls in that room and had liked. I primed several times and painted that color of paint twice. As I was removing the tape I noticed the color, actually took in the color and I hated it. It didn't look like the paint card at all. I repainted the room green. I liked that color. My mother loved it. Then I moved to the living room and painted it a gold. I liked it. I realized once all the tape had been removed, furniture returned to its original places that the living room was a green gold and the dining room a blue green and they clashed. I am not good with color. I left it be thinking I'd get used to it. I didn't. I didn't want to paint the living room. There is too much wood trim in that room to tape and furniture to move, so dining room it was. 

I primed and painted it Tapestry Thread khaki color (upper right). You guessed it, I didn't like it. It was too washed out, lacked color. So, I opted to paint it the same color as the living room; Summer Pear (lower left). 


I like that color in both living and dining rooms, most of the time. People that have seen both rooms don't believe they're the same color. This house does weird things with paint color. These two pictures are a perfect example. 


It's hard to get a good picture of the paint color and the color changes several times a day. 


There's a long window above the buffet that doesn't have a covering on it, so the washed out area is from the bright sun streaming in. That is my new IKEA bookshelf. I'm very happy with it. It's very solid and sturdy.  


The enamel pan on the top shelf right holds small cookbooks. 



You might wonder why the one shelf is mostly empty. Here is why;


He insists on laying there and is happy to rearrange some cookbooks to do so! Yes, he's spoiled and so for the time being the shelf will remain empty.