Saturday, July 15, 2017

One Year Field Trip!

I signed on this house a year ago on July 7 at 9:00. July 7 fell on a Friday this year and my mother and I were headed to MO for a day outing. Our first stop was to Koehn Bakery in Butler. 

Homemade bread and rolls;


Cookies and cinnamon rolls;




You can also get jams, pies, angel food cakes (flavored and glazed or plain), sub sandwiches and some frozen take and bake meals;


Our second stop was to Bates County Produce outside of Rich Hill. 


While I'm glad Koehn Bakery isn't here in town, I so wish Bates County Produce was!  Amish run, no electricity, horse and buggy produce shop.







There's so much more than shown here! Cookbooks, baked goods (pies, cookies, bread), Fudge, more fruits and veggies, straw hats and a wonderful back room of Amish furniture. I eyed a new cedar porch swing. 


Our haul! See that fudge?!? Peanut butter. I thought it was the best I've ever had. My mother thought it good, but she thought she's had better. I liked that it wasn't sickening sweet. Oh and see all the Amish cookbooks we got?!? So much fun! 

Our final stop was to Pecans and More south of Rich Hill. I didn't take any pictures here. It's a fun store. Fudge, pickled items, fun kitchen items, cookbooks, jerky, dip seasonings, nuts and more. I think we're both already planning a return trip when the weather gets cooler. 

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