Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day! I hope you're having an enjoyable day! My plans were to stay in, cross stitch and watch movies all day, but life calls. I'm still doing all that, but I'm also doing dishes and other things. 

I completed my July garland early. Actually there wasn't any work involved! I didn't make this months garland. I saw this flag idea someplace and decided to do that. 


The flags are from Walmart. The image I saw used larger flags, but I went with the smaller flags. 

While I didn't make a garland, I did make some mantle decorations. 


I made all three stars. The large red star is made from yardsticks. The white and blue stars are regular and large paint sticks. 



These were fun to make. 

It's hard not to stitch a small patriotic piece or two at this time. Especially when other stitchers are. I leave with you a few patriotic stitches I've finished in previous years. There's about a dozen total that I really need to finish before next Fourth of July. 




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