Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Mr Snuffleupagas

Mr Snuffleupagas has been visiting for a few weeks. At least that's what I've been calling Lyncoln.  I had him at two different vets three times in one week! Both vets suspect he has allergies and he's now on daily loratadine, just like his mother. He's been on it for about a week and has begun to remind me when it's time to take his pill! For several days I tried giving him pills, but it went poorly. He's strong and heavy. Even wrapped up in a towel he can fight his way out. Towels, bedding, clothing and flesh all paid the price of trying to give Lyncoln a pill. 


I've decided to try Josey on loratadine too and you can't just give two cats treat and not the other. 


The dose is half a tablet. I split one pill and crush the halves separately. 


I mix the crushed pills with either canned food, tuna or tuna juice or baby food. None of them are crazy about the meat flavored baby food. 


Is it ready yet?  Lyncoln will often stand with his front legs on my backside and cry as I prepare the food. 


The plates are labeled. Lyncoln normally will eat all of his, but Josey either eats none of hers or just a lick or two. I don't want Lyncoln getting double the dose or Homer getting any medication, so Josey's plate is picked up when she walks off. 


Lyncoln preparing to go finish off Josey's plate, but I picked it up before he could do so. They only get a little bit as I want them to eat the pill. Homer's plate has more on it and if either Lyncoln or Josey are still wanting more, they'll go finish off Homer's plate. 


Lyncoln is still a little stuffy, but back to his usual self. 

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