Friday, June 23, 2017

First Harvest!

I’ve got tomatoes!  I harvested my first tomato on Saturday June 17 and two more Monday June 19.  Both are from the Fourth of July tomato plant.  


I have a lot of little small green tomato fruits and a lot of blooms.  I’m afraid they’ll all ripen at the same time! I’ve also, sadly picked 6 tomatoes that have blossom end root. 


Keith on the gardening Facebook page said that this often happens with first fruits and the plants fix themselves.  He further explained there are a lot of home remedies that could be applied that people believe are successful.  They might be or it might just be that nature fixed itself and people think it's their remedy.  He said to worry and start treating if it continues to be an issue.  So, I’m being patient and not freaking out as Henny Penny would.  I have more fruit set on that don’t have it than do, so I’m hoping it’ll all work out. 

I have baby cucumbers!  These are on the cucumber plant that hadn’t looked so hot.  The other two plants have a lot of blooms, but no fruit yet.

I have Anaheim peppers! 

I have a bloom or two on the other peppers, but no fruit yet.  My pepper plants have always looked droopy.  They’re green and they’ve grown, so maybe they’re just waiting on some good summer heat to get going.

This is a chiltepin pepper plant and I don’t know that it will ever produce.  I purchased it, the Anaheim pepper and two milkweed plants at a garage sale in May.


I can’t remember if I shared that I’ve got baby pumpkins forming;

The watermelon is spreading, but no blooms yet. This is one of them, I've got two planted. 

The large pumpkin plant was pulled this week and I planted seed instead.  It didn’t look so good when I bought it, I thought maybe it was improving, but it turned for the bad over the hot weekend and I decided to pull it.  There should still be time for pumpkins to grow from seed, fingers crossed. 

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