Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Natural Falls State Park

Several weeks ago (I'm always behind in posting!) my mother and I ran to Joplin to address an estate issue. We decided it was was too much to drive down and back again in one day, so we stayed one night. I decided we should stay in Siloam Springs, AR. There she could have fun at the casino and I could visit new to me antique and thrift stores and visit Natural Falls State Park a few miles west in Oklahoma. It's $5 to tour the park and well worth it!


The trail to the top of the Falls is handicap accessible. 

Approaching the top of the falls;



The view from the overlook shown above; 


So beautiful! 

Headed down; 





At the bottom of the falls;


From there you can head back up or take one of several additional trails. The following pictures are from two other trails. Eventually I'd like to return and walk all of the trails. 


Have to watch where you're stepping! That's a drop off on the right! 



Lots of pretty wild flowers and one scary big bug! Check out his long tail! 


Headed back;


This bridge above is the one that goes above the falls as shown below.  


That overlook above, third picture in this post. Here's another view of it. 


To walk in nature is to witness a thousand miracles. 
Mary Davis


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