Monday, May 29, 2017

Garden Week One Part Two

Not all of these were planted the first week. Some didn't get planted till Memorial Day Weekend! 


The bell pepper on the right isn't new. The bag at the bottom has 2 watermelons (though one doesn't look good), marigolds in the middle, 2 red bell peppers upper right and 2 more green bell peppers upper left. 


2 more cucumbers in the top bag and a pumpkin in the bottom bag. 


Top to bottom; bell peppers, watermelon and pumpkin. I planted 2 pumpkins. One will produce (hopefully) small pumpkins, the other small pie size pumpkins. 

I believe that concludes what all I've got planted, except that it seems I'm missing 2 red bell peppers. Found them! They were in a different pool! No picture. Some of the plants I bought after the first batch came in four packs. Not my preference. I planted the four packs 2 to a bag. Cucumbers can be 2 to a bag, none of the other stuff should be. I'll see how things grow and might have to pluck one of the two later on. 


My cantaloupe isn't looking too well.  At a friends suggestion, I removed it from the pool it was in and it's now in a Dollar Tree oil pan. I'll let it dry up and top water it only for a while and see if maybe it doesn't like to be damp all the time. 

The pool water is turning green and gross, but doesn't smell. We'll see if that changes. 

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Anonymous said...

I'm impressed. Not quite what pictured in my head but looks good! -JS