Friday, April 14, 2017

April Garland and Easter Sign

I started working on the garland mid-March and completed it before April, but hadn't been able to take any pics as it was gloomy, gray and/or the mantle was covered with plastic. 


To make; Google bunny template, select Images, pick your favorite, print, trace and cut out. 


Hot glue on tails. 


Josey wanted a tail, but only one already attached. See the two ignored unattached pom-poms sitting on the right? 


I had thought I'd use the pink/white or purple/white bakers twine, but they were too bright. I ended up using the thread shown on the bottom left card that's pulled. I found the threads on that card and a bunch of other trims at a Stamp-In Up garage sale several years ago. 

Hole punch both ears, thread and hang for a super cute April/Easter garland!  Here it is on my buffet. 


Some close-ups; 



I worked on this at work and hadn't measured how long it needed to be, so I ended up with a few extra bunnies. 


I had really wanted a religious themed April garland, but couldn't come up with one. So, I opted to use the same scrapbook paper to make a sign for the mantle. 


I used cardboard block letters that can be found at Joann's, Hobby Lobby and Walmart. Traced the letters on scrapbook paper, cut out and glued them on using a glue stick. 

(Sorry for the crummy pictures.) I only glued the paper to the front. I love how it turned out.  

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