Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Kitchen Arrangement Part 3

Last post on the kitchen rearrangement and it's loaded with pictures! 

Drawers! Before I had two utensil drawers, one on either side of the sink. I didn't have any rules about which utensils went into which drawer and often was digging through both of them to find something. I moved my towel drawer so that I could have both of my utensil drawers together one atop the other. 


I parted with several items I didn't use.  


I moved the silverware drawer over one drawer. Now it and my utensil drawers are below my plates, bowls and glasses cabinet. 

Kitchen scissors and my can opener are on the left. I washed all of my silverware and hadn't gotten it all back in the drawer for this picture. 

Lower cabinets;

This looks kind of messy, buts it just looks that way. The bottom shelf holds my plastic food containers, paper and plastic plates and plastic spoons, etc on the upper shelf with special plates, pie pans on the white shelf. 


The cabinet that used to hold my plates now holds pots, pans, cooling racks, colanders and cake pans. 


And the last lower cabinet I'll share with you. 

This little cabinet is beside the stove. 

I purchased handled plastic storage containers for it. 


I use one container for measuring cups and spoons. The other for timers, meat thermometer and other odds and ends. 


The containers on the top hold odds and ends. 

While I was rearranging, I cleaned up my spice cabinet. I don't know if I ever shared this cabinet with you, but here's a nicer picture. The upper half;


The lower half;


This cabinet is built into the studs and I love it. 

So, that's most of my kitchen. There are seven cabinets and four drawers I didn't share with you, but they didn't get reorganized.  Onto the next big project. 

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