Monday, March 6, 2017

Kitchen Arrangement Part 2

So, I shared the before and here's the after!

The cabinet that used to hold my groceries now holds my plates, bowls and cups. Of note, my cabinets and drawers are different depths, though they're all on her same wall. The upper cabinet that used to hold my bowls and cups, could not hold my large dinner plates as it wasn't deep enough. You'd think you'd notice that they're different depths, but you don't and I only figured it out while rearranging my kitchen. The lower cabinet to the left of the sink is 23" deep. The lower cabinet on the right of the sink is 19.5" deep. Weird! 

So, here's my upper cabinet with plates, bowls and cups. My dinner plates fit on this side. 


The cabinet that used to house my bowls, cups etc sits in the corner. I could reach items on the left, but had to use a step ladder to reach items on the right. I decided to put some groceries there, but leave it basically empty as I didn't want to go up and down a ladder for most of those items. 


I love those plastic handled containers. I found them at Walmart. They come in several sizes and are less than $4. The two on the bottom shelf hold jello and pudding. Those on the second shelf hold tuna and seasoning packets. 

So, where's my food? In the basement. I like my basement. It's not scary and the stairs are in good shape. I decided I'd rather run down stairs for a grocery item, then to climb a step ladder to get something out of a cabinet. So, I bought a new shelving unit and moved most of my groceries to the basement. 


The lidded storage containers on the bottom hold boxed items I don't want rodents getting into. I don't believe I currently have any mice in the house, but that's not always the case. 

I have a second shelf that holds a few more groceries. (I cover the shelving units with plastic table clothes from Dollar Tree to cut down on dust.) 

Stay tuned and I'll show you the rest.  

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