Friday, February 10, 2017

Bundt Pan Sub

Sunday Church Potluck is held every quarter. We're asked to bring a main dish and either side or dessert, but I watched and most every one person or family brought just one dish.

My friend Jenna suggested I bring a bread item as people don't often think to bring a bread. She suggested rolls or cornbread. I decided to make mini muffins from a mix. I thought young and old would enjoy them and I already had mixes on hand. Unfortunately they got moved to the dessert table where they competed with brownies, cakes, cookies and pies. My muffins lost and I brought almost all of them home. I gave them to Jenna who has 2 toddlers under 2. 

I debated and changed my mind frequently about what main dish to bring. I wasn't certain whether I could plug in a crock pot or whether there'd be room in the fridge at church. I had thought I might make spicy chicken roll-ups, which are more an appetizer, but I went with an idea I found on Facebook.


Grease a bundt pan. 

Add 2 cans of French bread, pinching the edges together.  Bake 25 minutes at 350 degrees (mine baked for 30 minutes). 


The seams didn't hold well on the top half, but that's okay.  Slice in half. 


Add ham. 






More salami. 

Realize it's going to be hard cutting in the container, move to a cutting board and add 2 types of cheese. 


Add lettuce and tomato. Mayo was on the bottom slice of bread, Dijon mustard spread on the top half. Add the top half of the bread and slice. 


It was a mess! 



I ran to Dillons on my way to church and picked up extra long tooth picks to insert in each slice. 

I didn't get a slice, it was gone before I made it through the line. It was super easy to make and you could change the ingredients to make it your own. I would recommend cutting larger slices. The smaller the slice, the harder it was to handle. This would be great for a game day or picnic. 


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