Thursday, January 19, 2017

Shelf Cover

Four months ago I shared with you that I had made a table skirt for the table in my utility room. I told you then that up next was a cover for the shelving unit in there. Well, it's taken a while. I was going to make my own, but I happened to find one at Westlake Ace Hardware in the clearance area. Score! I brought it home and tried it on for size.


Looks great, yes? Except that it was yellow. It doesn't so in this picture, but it was yellowish and my utility room is white and gray. I hated the yellow. So I bleached it, in cold water, for about 19 hours and well... 

It shrunk. Sorry, I wish I had taken a better picture. It remained short like this since late September. Oh I hated it, but I dreaded addressing it. I have two sewing machines, but I haven't used either in years. Besides, the craft room wasn't ready for completing projects yet.  

Fast forward to Winter Storm Jupiter. Fixing this was at the top of my to-do list for the weekend.  I still cheated and didn't use the sewing machines. 


I've always known I was going to use this fabric. I love it. I haven't a clue when or where I picked it up. It's a heavier weight. There's no print in the seam to tell me anything about it. I think it goes well with the coral colored table skirt. 


I measure and thought I needed to add 8" of fabric to the bottom. I cut 10" and it ended up being just perfect! I didn't have enough to hem the edges, so I used fray check on the edges. It's far from perfect, but I'm very happy with it. 

So, what's behind the curtain? 

Top shelf has disposable plates, napkins, plastic containers for sharing food with others and chlorox wipes. 

Second shelf holds fiber one bars, protein bars, rice cakes, nuts, oats and pop tarts. Those pop tarts shouldn't be there. It was a moment of pre Winter Storm grocery shopping anxiety. 

Third shelf holds my containers of sugar, flour, powdered and brown sugars and a container that holds measuring cups and spoons. I love that container. It's so nice to have multiple sets of measuring cups and spoons when cooking several recipes at once. 

Fourth shelf holds cookie sheets, muffin pans and the bread machine. 

Bottom shelf holds delicates that need to be washed (linens I pick up at flea markets, table clothes that require special handling, etc) and various cleaning supplies. 

There is a hook hanger on the side that my aprons and clothes pins hang from. 

It's nice to have that all hidden and to mark that project off my to-do list. 



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