Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Mantle Plans

I took down my Christmas decorations on the second of January and was shocked at how bare and bland the mantle was.  I hadn’t given it any thought the first five months I've lived here, but now I can’t stand it! So, here is what I came up with for January. 


That mirror has to go, but I don’t think it can without having to patch and repair that entire section of wall, so I’m going to get creative.  Well, others are creative and have given me their ideas.  Option one is to replace the small tiles with different colored tiles that will better match my yet to be painted living room.   Option two is to cover all the tiles with wood, framing the mirror.  Option three is to build up the wall above the mantle covering the mirror.  Like this; 


(Picture from Pinterest)

Which of these suggestions do you like best? Or do you have another? 

Back to the boring mantle.  I could decorate it twice a year.  In December with Christmas decorations and one set of decorations for the rest of the year, but I can’t do that.  Well, I could, but that wouldn’t be me   So, I’ve started with January decorations and have plans for February and March/April.  I may then switch to a basic theme for May through September and have season decorations for October and November.  My plan is to find, but things either at 50% or more (Joanns and Hobby Lobby) or get things for the mantle at thrift/flea market type places. 


So, let’s begin.  Disclaimer; most if not all of these ideas came from images on Pinterest.  I searched for mantle decorations and took ideas from several images.  I already had the silver buckets and I bought the filler at Hobby Lobby while it was 50%.  I used tea towels to keep the filler upright.  I bought the round balls at Hobby Lobby also for 50%.  The flakes welcome sign is one a coworker painted maybe 17 years ago.  The star of my January mantle is the took-forever-to-make-snowman! 



Isn’t he cute?  He better be!  He sure took me a long time and a lot of glue sticks to finish!


So, that’s the mantle for January. I already have ideas for February and stay tuned for updates on the area above the built ins.  Its getting a remodel too!


Click HERE if you want instructions on making the snowman. 

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