Wednesday, October 26, 2016

How Not To Make Apple Bread!

I found a new recipe online using a yellow cake mix to make apple bread. I had a yellow cake mix and apples on hand, so decided to try it. 

First error was that I didn't have any ground ginger on hand. 


I used these little cake pans. They make the perfect size loaf to eat and to share and they make the best loaves. No overly done edges and raw middles. 


It smelled heavenly while mixing it up. 


Here's where I noticed my second error. I forgot the main ingredient! Apples! So, I quickly cored, sliced, peeled and diced some apples and stirred it in. 


Which was the third error. The apples were to be shredded, not diced.  Oh, well! I baked and then let them sit for 10 per the directions. They didn't turn out well. 



They're good. It was nice not lugging out the sugar and flour and I don't think you can tell they're made using a cake mix. At least, I couldn't, but I've had better apple bread. 

I sent a loaf home with the guy that built my fence. I asked that he not judge as it was a new recipe and they didn't turn out of the pan well. He replied he's from the farm and you don't judge food, you just eat it! 

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