Friday, August 5, 2016

A little privacy...

The other day I was in the basement with the lights on and looked out the window to see my neighbors. Oh. If I can see them, they can see me. I'll pass on that. I thought I'd get privacy film, but that was $40 at Home Depot. I turned to Pinterest and thought I might try tissue paper.  Then I found this Pin and decided to give it a try. 

Basement window before. 


Probably should have cleaned the outside of the window before tackling this project! Please ignore the grime! 

Basement window after. 


I didn't worry about some creases. They're basement windows after all. 

I think it's a success! Light can shine in, but no one can see in!  So, I decided to try it also on the front door. 


My front door window and my new peep hole (installed today). I can't see in or out of the window, but tall men can.  Here's what it looks like after I've covered with Press n' Seal. 


You can tell there's a film on it, but I bet if I hadn't told you, you'd never have noticed. I mean how many people are going to be staring at the window at the top of my front door. 

Press n' Seal saves the day (and a lot of money)! 

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