Tuesday, July 26, 2016

What's lurking under the stove?

A week after moving in I walked into the kitchen to find Josey looking under the stove.  Thinking it was a spider, I grabbed a flash light and got down on the floor to look with her.  The thing of interest under the stove??? Cheerios!  



The other evening Josey, Lyncoln and I pulled out the stove drawer to clean. Julie 30, Cheerios 1!  There was one piece I couldn't get out. Not by broom, yard stick or vacuum.  I also found 2 foam darts and a piece of Captain Crunch! 


It was obvious the previous owners hadn’t used their stove drawer.  I’ve used mine in the past to store cookie sheets, metal cake pans and muffin tins, but Pinterest alerted me to a better way of storing those things.  So, for the stove drawer at the house, I’ve decided to dump all my rarely used pot and pan lids in there.  




See that top lid on the left? Here's a better picture of it. 


I don't think I have the base for it. I'm thinking it belongs to a crock pot, but I don't recall packing or unpacking one that size. Weird. 

So, what do you keep in your stove drawer?


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