Monday, August 7, 2017


I got Ring Pro for my front door and am planning to put a second at the back door.  Ring is door bell/motion detector that allows you to live view, record and view missed movement and answer your front door from anywhere you have internet access on your phone.  I love it! 


Expecting company and have to pee first, go ahead.  The Ring app chimes when movement is detected in the areas I've specified and I am given a heads up that someone is pulling in the driveway. Forgot to check for mail, check the app for motion detection alerts while I was at work to see whether mail was delivered. 


This is a screen shot of a recorded motion detector video. Ring began recording when he entered my yard and continued to record for 45 seconds, by which time he'd moved out of sight. I'd have taken a better picture, he's easy on the eyes, but I don't have a signed consent to share his picture. The image quality is really good. 

How about if someone is at your door at 10 o'clock at night? You can view who from your bedroom and then speak to them through the App on your phone.  This is great as my old wood floors creak and I doubt I could get to the front door to look out the peephole quietly.  Potty training your toddler and someone rings your bell?  Check the phone app and answer through the app if you desire; Hi So-and-So, I'll be at the door in just a few minutes. (My friend Jenna has been blogging about potty training!) Someone casing the house to see if you're home to break-in and you're at the store, the app will notify you of movement even if they don't ring the bell and you can talk to them; May I help you with something?  The other night after 9 pm the app alerted me to movement on the porch. Spooked, I quickly looked at the live view.  Turns out it was a pretty orange tabby taking shelter from the rain.  


This is a screen shot of the live view. To stop live view, I press the red button. If I want to speak to someone outside, I press the green button. 

Motion detection works by heat, so trash blowing through your yard won't set it off, but vehicles will.  You control the motion boundaries and unless you're worried about some vehicles driving around, you shouldn't include the street in your boundary. At least thats how it works on the one I purchased.  There is a cheaper version, so read specifics before purchasing. 

You also control the frequency of alerts that you receive. I have it set on the second highest frequency and get alerted when ever there's movement in my front yard or porch. If motion continues, you get multiple alerts. The following screen shot was taken after I had been out front feeding the birds. 


Mowing also triggers a lot of notifications. I don't mind it, but if you did, you could turn notifications off while you were out front. 

I ordered mine through Amazon, but I've seen them for sale at Home Depot.  In addition to the purchase price, Cloud recording storage costs $3 a month or $30 a year per device or $10 a month or $100 annually for unlimited cameras.  I alsp purchased a extra piece that I installed first that the Ring doorbell goes on top of. This extra piece allows me to angle the doorbell to include the driveway. Depending on your layout, you might not need it. 

I am not getting paid for this commercial and only sharing as I'm very happy with it and think you might be too!

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