Thursday, August 3, 2017

Freezer Salsa

While I was bagging up my frozen corn, I got the tomatoes going for salsa!

I used Christy Jordan with Southern Plate's instructions on peeling tomatoes found HERE

The recipe said to peel and seed.  This is my first ever batch and I'm not sharing it with anyone but family and close friends, so I didn't mess with seeding (in other words, I was hot and tired from cooking up all that corn!).  I saved what I could of the tomato juice while chopping them up and froze that for another recipe this winter.

I used Taste of Homes freezer salsa recipe that can be found HERE

See that red powder at about 11 o'clock?  That is ground cayenne pepper and I think that is a bit too much! 

It has a great flavor, but its too hot for me.  You can tell the tomatoes are fresh.  I'd make it again, but skip or skimp on the cayenne pepper!  I'm a weakling when it comes to heat, so it might not be that bad for others. 

I frozen it in disposable containers and ended up with 11 cups. 

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