Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Farmer's Market

I love our local farmer's market, but I don't visit it often enough and theres good reason!  There is a lot there to tempt you to fall off your budget wagon!  See the above hibiscus?  I really wanted one, but it was already near 90 degrees before 8 am and I hadn't known where I'd plant it, so one didn't come home with me.  Oh, look those plants at the bottom of the picture.  Hostas?  Elephant ears?  I bet they'd look nice on the north side of the house, but until the chimney is fixed, I'm not planting in that area.  I'd love too to have some tall native grasses in the yard, but doubt they'd do well where I want to plant them.  

Oh, look at that cat!  See him?  That looks like Lyncoln and I had really wanted to bring him home for the yard.  Maybe next trip.  The skulls creep me out!  

There are several craft booths.  I like this woodpecker.  He had a bunch to choose from along with toy wooden cars, trains and even boats that float in the water.  (Dede I thought about getting you one to float in your pond!)

I like the flag signs, but didn't price them. 

Oh I love these! All of them! I got a new ort jar from his $5 box. 

Theres plenty to eat now. 

And plenty to take and eat later.

The picture above and below are from an Amish booth.  This is only half of what they had.  

There are several cookie booths. 

If you want baked goods, this is your place!  Jams, honey, BBQ sauce, eggs, those too! 

Apple cider and apple cider donuts from Rees Fruit Farm!  YUM! 

There was every imaginable fruit and vegetable available too, except for white flesh peaches, but it was HOT before I even awoke that day and though I arrived before 7:30, after a few pictures it was time to get down to business!  The farmer's market is much bigger than shown in these few pictures. 

So, what did I come home with?  Four dozen ears of corn, a bunch of tomatoes, some onions, a cantaloupe (that wasn't any good), a blueberry pie for my parents, some mini quick breads (friendship and Hawaiian), a new ort jar and probably more than that, but I can't recall now! 

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