Thursday, May 25, 2017

Building my first garden

There is a wonderful Facebook page for those interested in doing Larry Hall’s Kiddie Pool or Gutter garden systems.  On that page are instructions.  This is how I’ve set up mine.  This is my first garden and I’m NO expert.  You may not want to follow these same steps, but I want to document them for future reference. 

First you’re going to need kiddie pools!  The smaller of the two pools comes with a rope that you’re to tie around your wrist to remind you when someone is in the pool and warnings NOT TO DIVE into these pools.  What has this world come to?  



You're also going to need some potting soil.  It has to be potting soil, not garden soil.  Larry Hall gives instructions on how to make your own, but I used these bags from Sam's Club. Add in a handful of Epsom salts and a cup of agriculture lime.  Stir it by hand. 


Stuff Walmart cloth bags 2” full and water well (make it muddy!).  Cloth bags can be found at Walmart for $.50.  They’re green at neighborhood Walmarts and blue at their other stores.  Press wet soil down compacting it.  Add loose soil till 2/3 full.  Add 1 cup of 10-10-10 fertilizer around the edge.  I found 12-12-12 and only used ¾ of a cup. 


Fill with additional loose soil (potting mix that’s had Epsom salts and lime added to it) till nearly full and add your plant.  Some bags can hold more than one plant, but most plants are one per bag.

Drill overflow holes in your kiddie pools 2” up from the sides (I’d go higher if I could do it over again, maybe 3”).  Add your planted bags and added water to the bottom of the pools.  You’ll want to maintain at least an inch of water in the pools.  Add in a mosquito dunk to keep those pests at bay.  You’ll need to top water for 7-10 days as the bags begin to wick the water up from the pools. 


I added a pool since last post!  Next I'll show you what I've planted! 

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