Thursday, April 20, 2017

Cup of Tea

I am so tired of paint posts, I'm sure you have to be as well. 

Painting the living room was delayed due to rains. This old house has mostly plaster walls and some of those walls have cracks. I needed to repair them before I painted. Repairing wasn't to occur 24 hours after or before any rain. We saw a record 14 days with some amount (trace counts) of rain. Crazy! The sun finally graced us with its presence and I made quick work of patching the cracks and priming. Then came my favorite part. Yep, you guessed it. Picking the wall color. First four;


My first choice in wall color is Cup of Tea. I tested this for the dining room and fell in love. I thought though that it might be a better choice for the living room. Once I painted the sample, while I still loved it, I began to have doubts. It's pretty bold, at least for me. 


So, I tried some others and then ran to Home Depot for even more colors. 





This many test samples means a lot of paint brushes to wash and dry! 

I've cut in with the paint and I'm hopefully I've chosen the right color. Pictures coming soon!

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