Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The March Garland That Almost Wasn't

I started the March garland a few days before March.  I cut strips out of green paper and folded and glued them using Elmer permanent glue dots.  


Um, they’re not permanent.  I needed four hearts and a stem to make one clover and I figured I needed fourteen clovers, give or take a few.  I got four sets of clovers glued together and had started on the fifth when the first set started to come unglued. 



I glued them again and started on that fifth set, again and the second set started to come unglued.  Really?  Fine.  I stopped and went back and glued all the pieces over again, even those that hadn’t yet come unglued.  All future clover pieces I doubled glued.  I eventually got all the hearts and stems I had needed to make the garland glued and then sat it aside as it was past my bedtime!  I awoke the next morning to find this…




I decided then that there would be no March garland, but after a few days I decided to try again, but with to just make something really easy as it was now the second week in March.  My schedule was packed and it took several days to trace, cut, punch and string, but here is my March Garland that almost didn’t get made.



And here is my spring mantle. It needs work, but it's a start. 


I need to swap out the white candles for some colored ones and I might someday spray paint the watering can, which I found at Goodwill. 


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