Sunday, December 18, 2016

Two December Garlands

I had the December garland planned weeks before December, but didn't get started on it until weeks into December. That's life. 

I found a reindeer template on line and cut it out of two shades of brown card stock. I also found a sleigh image and cut it out of red card stock. 


(Excuse please that unsightly door bell ringer.)

I strung the sleigh and reindeer using red and white bakers twine and added a red sequin for Rudolph's nose. 


I love how it turned out, but it was too long to hang on the fireplace, so I hung it in the kitchen above my sink. 

For the fireplace garland I cut out Christmas trees from two shades of green felt and glued sequins on all of the trees. I thought it was a bit much, so I turned most of the trees around to hide the sequins. 





The garland is hidden behind my reindeer stocking holder, but it still works. 


I already have January's garland planned, but no promises it'll be done on time. 


Patricia Dunn said...

We used to have that same Christmas tree. We bought it at Michael's when we lived in CA. This year we finally donated it to Hillcrest since my husband didn't want to put it on the front "porch" like we have the last two years. (We had bought a big one at Hillcrest and I had moved it to the front door.) Hopefully someone enjoyed it this year in their house. I didn't see it when I went in to work my shift on Tuesdays. Pretty decorations. Patricia

Julie said...

Oh, this tree has a story. I found it sticking out of a dumpster at a church years ago. It was a drizzly day, my mother was with me and I was taking her home. We drove by a church and I saw it. I turned around, went back, pulled it out of the dumpster, shoved it through the car and have loved it ever since. It remains up year round with off white lights. I decorate it for Valentines Day, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween and Christmas. It isn't my actual Christmas tree.