Saturday, October 1, 2016

Sofa Repair

 This is my sofa.  




I’ve had it for about 14 years and prior to that it was my grandmother’s.  Six years ago I went to Honduras on a mission trip.  I believe I was gone 8 days, might have been more, but it was too long according to my cat Hobbs.  




1999-2014 RIP (Oh it's hard to look at his pictures. I wish he were still with me.)


While I was gone he shredded both ends of the sofa and ever since then he wanted to use the sofa as his scratching post.  


There was no point in replacing it then as he’d just ruin a new sofa.  So, now I’m in a house and about to host a cookbook club. It was time to address the sofa.  I considered replacing it, but;


*I like mismatched, thrift store/flea market find and hand me downs, which this sofa is.

*I don’t have a lot of company, but I do have a lot of house projects that take priority over purchasing a new sofa.

*I’m not vain.  If you don’t like my belongings or my house, you don't have to visit. 

*I haven’t settled on how to decorate the living room and my tastes might change before I do.


But the number one reason I’m hanging onto the sofa; Its comfortable for me to sleep on.  I have an auto immune disease and there are times that my joints ache so bad that I can’t sleep in my bed.  During those times, I can normally sleep on the sofa.  So, its staying, at least for the time being.  Now what do I do with those ugly shredded ends?  A slip cover is an option, but they never fit right and they move whenever someone gets up. Pinterest gave me another plan; cover the scratches. 



I took a sofa cushion and a friend to Hancocks earlier this year when they were having a 70% off store closing sale and purchased the fabric.   I purchased the tacks from Walmart.


I had planned to attach the tacks so that they were close together like this;




That looked nice here, but was next to impossible to accomplish along the sides.  There was too much batting and the tacks were too short, making every tack hard to place on the sides of the arms.  I bent a lot of tacks;




After about 12 bent tacks I decided they could be spaced further apart.




So, here again is how the sofa used to look.




And here is how it looks now that I’ve covered the front edges.




And here is how the sofa looks when I don’t have company, oh wait…





Okay, here is how it looks when I don’t have company!


Lyncoln says he's available for modeling jobs. 


If you’re down on the floor, it looks pathetic, but I don’t think its as noticeable that I did a horrible job when standing up.  I wish I had done a better job, but having worked on it as long as I did and having bent so many tacks, I’m happy with how it turned out.  I had originally planned to cover the long strip of fabric along the front below the cushions, but ran out of time.  I have enough tacks and fabric to do so. Should I go back and do that? Please comment below! 

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