Saturday, August 13, 2016

Italian Chicken

I've been craving chicken. Baked Italian chicken to be specific. I had made some this spring along with poppy seed baked chicken. I wrapped each breast individually and froze them thinking it would be nice to have them in the freezer for busy nights. I ate all the breasts within 2 weeks! I ate them for lunch, I ate them for dinner, I could have eaten them for breakfast! They were that good. So much for having them on hand! 

It's still too hot to bake (IMO), so I thought I'd have to wait for cooler days for good Italian chicken until I stumbled upon this slow cooker version of Italian Chicken. 


It turned out almost as good as my Italian baked chicken and I'd definitely make it again.  

Of note, the recipe says 4 hours on low. If your chicken breasts are thawed, 4 hours on high might work, but not low! My breasts were frozen and my potatoes were huge. I quarter the potatoes and checked them after 5 hours on high. The potatoes and carrots were done and removed, but the chicken cooked at least another hour. I like my chicken to be fall-apart-done. 

Also on this blog I found this slow cooker apple crisp recipe. I used gala apples as they were on sale this week at Dillons for $0.99 lb. The only bad thing about this dish is that I didn't have any vanilla ice cream on hand to serve it with! 



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